My Bornday

Sebenarnya aku ingin menulis bagaimana bahagiaku di hari ulangtahunku, harapan-harapanku dan semuanya. But, something happen and make my mood going bad. It’s just little problem, really. But my mood can easily change. Huh,,then it’s mean I not mature enough, still like a child? -_-

ok just forget that sick problem,

Nineteen years,, Yeah, I going closer to have marriage *eh

All of my brothers and sister already have a baby. When we’re gathering, I just watching them smile happily with their little family. And that’s make me envy.

haha, don’t take seriously. I’m just kidding, wkwk

but, really that baby is so cute,, I love all my nephew like they’re my little sister.

And then, about a boy?

For now I don’t have any special feeling to any man. I don’t know why, but I just can’t find someone who can make my heartbeat going faster like someone do in the past. Ok just forget it!

But for sure, I’m not gonna search. We’ll meet someday, and I sure whoever him, he’s man that God bring to me.


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