He try to get attention of me, I ignore it

He try harder, but I still act cool

Day by day

Something feels like it wrong

There’s no one who callin me sweetly

There’s no one who wait me in the stop bus

There’s no one who always look at me softly again

He’s not here

He’s change

I already realized,

I losing him. I miss him

And the word that I never believe I can say is..

“I love you”

He’s shocked, but in one second he’s stay cool again

“Sorry, I’m not interest in you”


That word is what I say to him in the past

Is he want to revenge with me?

Oh I can’t believe this!

Okay, let’s take this easily

We’re back to the past

I’ll ignoring him

I’ll be act cool, again

Same as the old past

But, one problem I can’t control

My heartbeat is belong to him

But, I promise

I’ll hide it……

until he can found it by himself


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