Wanna write something, diary again huh?

cold, rainfall out there. I’m here with a new laptop. No, it’s not mine, but I borrow it from my sister. Why? Where’s my laptop? There’s some problem that makes my laptop won’t to open. I don’t why, I’m not technician or anything. Let’s wait until my laptop come back again.

Then,,out of that topic.

huhhhh, wanna write about what? love? Forget that, I’m still a teenager girl who’s don’t know what is love. I just know, I like someone for along 8 years and don’t try to looking someone else. Don’t ask me. I already tell you that I don’t know why.

About my collage? Oh…I just like a traveler. Going out there. Seas, mountain, river, forest, and anything else. Fun? Of course, that’s was really fun, amazing and beautiful. You can see how beautiful Indonesia is. But, it cost a little bit more of money. And there is serious problem, especially for girl. You know girl’s like to be beauty. Become traveler it’s will be hard. The sun and hard to find a water makes our skin become black. huhuhu

Ah,,maybe it’s enough for diary tonight. I’ll work some task. Wish it’ll be done fast!! Aamiin


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