Samantha & Jonas


“Samantha, I like you.” said Jonas with smile, waiting respons from girl that he confess

No answer from Samantha, she is just quiet with her blank-face

“Kekeke, close your mounth  Tha, you can’t eat insect.” Jonas laughing. He try to be serious but he can’t. Samantha too funny, she’s too cute

“That’s not possible! How can I eat insect? hueks” Samantha cover her mounth with hand. “Insect, don’t come in. I won’t eat you, okay?”

Jonas laughing hard, again. How can she talked to insect?

“haha humf…Stop it! Don’t make any jokes again. My stomach was hurt.”

“Who makes joke? I’m serious, really!”

“Ok ok, don’t be mad.” Jonas stop laughing, “so, we can go now? rain will come, I guess.” Jonas asked, he look to the sky, it’s very cloudly.

“Ok then, let’s going to that mall.” Samantha pointing the mall near them.

“Let’s go.” Jonas take Samantha’s hands and running together.

It’s weeked. They usually hang out together every weeked. Samantha and Jonas are best friend since the elementary school. No wonder if they’re very close.

“So, where we go now?” asked Jonas, they already inside the mall

“Hmm….” Samantha thinking hard, “Bookstore? I need a new comic.”


“Huh? I said that I need a new comic, Jonas.”

“No, I mean. Rather than going shopping, you prefer going to bookstore. You’re a girl or not?”

“Yak!” Samantha hit Jonas’s arm. “I’m girl of course. See I have a long hair.”

“Just that? Many man have a long hair too.”

Samantha pouting, “Okay, I still a child. Not a girl like your princess, Jessica.”

“Woa,,why you bring Jessica?”

“And why you bring my hobby? I more like read comic than shopping.” then Samantha walk to bookstore, Jonas go after her

“Jessica is not my princess, okay?”

Jessica is senior in the campus. Jessica like a princess, she’s smart, beauty and come from wealthy family. And she’s very admire Jonas. Everybody know that.

“I don’t care.”

They’re now already inside the bookstore. Samantha immediately walk to comics zone. Jonas still following her. Times goes  minutes by minutes, Samantha still select the comic. Jonas get bored

“Hoam….You already done choose comic?” asked Jonas

“Not yet,,”

“Ah, then I leave your for a while. I need to go to the toilet. I will not go long.”

Samantha nodded.

Already a few minutes Samantha done choose the comic, she’s search Jonas but that guy is not here. Then she walk to the cashier to pay the comic first. But, until she finished pay the comic, she can’t see Jonas.
Then Samantha decide to waiting Jonas in the front of bookstore. She took her phone and make message to Jonas

…….=”To Ugly Jonas”

You get diarrhea? why so long =_= .I’m in front of bookstore, don’t make me waiting!


The wallpaper in her phone make Samantha smile. Photo’s Jonas with her 2 years ago. This photo was taken by her friend. When Jonas won basketball with his team, and Samantha sweep the sweat in Jonas’s head. Samantha realized that her heart was pouding again. She still remembered when Jonas confess her a few hours ago. She really happy but got embarrassed at the same time, and it makes she act like fool =__=

“Is he really confess me? Ah..I hope that true. I like him too. Really love him.” Samantha talking to herself

Samantha looking around, and she finally found Jonas! Then she walks to Jonas

“Why you so long!” Samantha hit Jonas’s arm. She just realized that Jonas not alone, he was with a girl..


then the rumour that they’re dating is true?

“Owh..sorry for interruf. Then just ignore me, I’ll go back home.” No wait Jonas respond, Samantha turned back and walking faster.

“Oh, he just make joke like usually he do. Why you hopping he really likes you? Stupid.” Samantha talking to herself “But why this is really hurt?”

Suddenly, someone grab her hand. Makes she stop walking and turn her head. It’s Jonas….


“I call your name several times, why you don’t stop?”

“Why you’re here?”

“Why you’re here? I here because of you, you bring me to this mall.”

Gezz…”I said, why you’re here? Not dating with your princess,huh?”

Jonas was think, then he smile “Of course, I’m dating now.”

“Then go to her.” Samantha turn back again and leave Jonas

Jonas chase Samantha again,,

“Hey, who’s you mean ‘her’? My princess is here.”

Samantha suddenly stop, she look to Jonas

Jonas smile, “You’re my princess.”

Samantha goes blank again. Then she said “Don’t make any jokes again Jo, it’s not funny.”

“I serious Tha. I don’t joke, I love you.”

“Since when?”

“I don’t remember it. Don’t you realized that I was be with you all the time, walk you home, and often care to you. It’s called love Tha, I love you. Don’t you love me?”

Samantha smirk, “Stupid!”


” I’m going home with you, accept attention from you, and didn’t get bored with you all the time. It’s called love too.”

This time, Jonas goes blank

“I love you Jo, let’s be my prince and I’ll be your princess.”

Jonas still shock, between happy and suprised makes he can’t say anything

“Close your mounth! You don’t eat insect Jo!”



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