Just talking about……


You know what things that makes me crazy this day?

It’s about L.O.V.E

This subject really have attention a lot for the teenager. I’m the one on it, of course I still a teenager girl btw  :p

Ah I sad just to see what they’re thinking about love. Express the love in the wrong ways, and just do anything that will make they happy.  Like have a crush, boyfriend or girlfriend, and have a relationship with person that not allowed to you.

Love in here is about someone who’ll be beside you for entire your life. Your future husband or wife.

Allah already have someone for your even before you born in this world. You don’t have to search, just waiting patiently and Allah will set you to meet that person someday. Do not have to be in relationship with one person to the one person else until you meet the right one. Trust me, you’ll never meet the right one if you doing that.

And what the right ways to find that right person?

Just wait and be patient. If you love someone, it’s a normal. But just love her/him in silently. If someone love you, just stay cool and let her/him just be your friend. Don’t going to far, remember it! Just waiting until that day comes.

The one you can do in the ‘waiting times’ is just be the better person. The good man for the good girl. The bad man for the bad girl. If you want to have husband/wife who’s clever, you have to clever too. That’s so simple right?

Don’t waste your ‘waiting time’ for doing nothing. Search your talent, always do the best, and don’t forget to your God

For the girl : The gentle and the clever man is, the one who come to your Dad and ask him to marrying you.

For the man : Be gentle. You’re a man, if you love a girl you never let her in the wrong ways, right? Marry her and take care of her. The one who will always by your side and the one who will raise your child.

If you feel not ready for that, just stay calm and be patient 🙂


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