fyuhh….today I already have deleted all photos in my facebook & instagram. Not at all, but just some photos which are not allowed to publish.


I just want to save them, I just want to save my friend. Not because I didn’t like their photos, I just worrying that photos will bring a trouble for them someday.

Don’t think too far. Not photos that have a rated =_=

Let me explain

I’m muslim, my friends too. We’re loving to taking a picture in every moment and of course we will going to upload that to social media, which everyone and every people can see it. Without understand what the consequences.

We’re a girl, which in Islam we must covering our body. And some photos that I have uploaded, there are some friend who didn’t cover their body yet. Yes, that’s just a photos. But everything that we did will be asked in judgement day, right? Because of that we mustn’t upload that photos to social media. I already known this.

But I just have find that,

People who uploaded the photos will be asked in judgement too. Even we covering our body but our friend are not, we still have to responsible that.

So I hurry deleted them.

Sorry to my friend, even I’ve deleted them in social media but I already save them in my private document. So you can ask me if you want that photos πŸ™‚

Note: We must be careful to uploading everything to social media from now!


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