twenty-one years old

Finally I’m in the age that some people say, “welcome to the real world”.

Yeah..I’ve already felt that in this age I must face the world, just me, not being in the back my parents again, I must face it by myself.

Am I ready?

I must. Ready or not, I must go on.

and in this age too, I’ve got the different wishes from my family and also my friend

One of it, is….

“Hope you will graduate as soon as possible”

Yeahhhh….I’m not junior again in my collage, hopefully I can graduate at first semester in 2016. That mean next year!! Fighting!

and next, the funniest one. The wishes that I never though they would say:

“Hope you will marriage soon and then having a baby.”

hahaha It’s the first time I received a wishes like that.

That mean I’m enough to marry..

Thruthfully I really want to marry. Having someone that will hold my hand, giving his shoulders when I tired, and everything that I can’t do for now.

But,, yah no one come to my dad yet.

and I’m not ready yet, still have many things that must I do before I married.

But all wishes is good, and I really touching. Once again, thankyou all for the wishes, I never thought that you’ll be sweet like this, love youuuu ❤


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