Cerpen: Female’s voice

“I was to try talk like others man in around me. But just strange face that I saw. Then they try to find from where’s that voice comes. Shocked, they looked at me and slowly pulled away from me. “
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Love This Words!

Dear God.

I know she’s out there.

The one I’m suppose share my whole life

And in time, you will show her with me..

will you take care of her?

comfort her?

and protect her until the day we meet?

Let her know,

My heart,

is beating with hers

[Irie Naoki]

Wanna write something, diary again huh?

cold, rainfall out there. I’m here with a new laptop. No, it’s not mine, but I borrow it from my sister. Why? Where’s my laptop? There’s some problem that makes my laptop won’t to open. I don’t why, I’m not technician or anything. Let’s wait until my laptop come back again.

Then,,out of that topic.

huhhhh, wanna write about what? love? Forget that, I’m still a teenager girl who’s don’t know what is love. I just know, I like someone for along 8 years and don’t try to looking someone else. Don’t ask me. I already tell you that I don’t know why.

About my collage? Oh…I just like a traveler. Going out there. Seas, mountain, river, forest, and anything else. Fun? Of course, that’s was really fun, amazing and beautiful. You can see how beautiful Indonesia is. But, it cost a little bit more of money. And there is serious problem, especially for girl. You know girl’s like to be beauty. Become traveler it’s will be hard. The sun and hard to find a water makes our skin become black. huhuhu

Ah,,maybe it’s enough for diary tonight. I’ll work some task. Wish it’ll be done fast!! Aamiin


Iseng liat foto-foto lama di facebook. Temen smp-sma, kangen semuanya!!

Sayang foto-foto yang ada di facebook tidak semuanya ada. Data foto-foto itu kusimpan rapi di laptopku. TAPI……

Hardisk-ku rusak dan semua data-data tidak bisa terbaca alias hilang =______=


Walaupun di foto-foto itu tak semuanya ada wajahku, tapi itu hasil karyaku. Hasil jepret-anku sendiri!!!!

Well,,,aku berharap hardisk lamaku bisa diperbaiki dan semua data-datanya kembali dengan aman.

Semoga!!! aamiin

Plan for the Future

Rencana untuk masa depan. Mulai memikirkan ulang setelah beberapa hari yang lalu aku mendengarnya dari seorang teman, kurang lebih seperti ini:

“….kebanyakan dari mereka setiap bertemu selalu membicarakan masa lalu atau hal yang sudah terjadi. Jarang mereka membicarakan tentang masa depan dengan serius, makanya aku terlihat jarang berkumpul dengan mereka.”
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Siklus Biogeokimia

Siklus biogeokimia atau bisa disebut juga siklus organik/anorganik adalah siklus unsur-unsur atau senyawa kimia yang mengalir dari komponen yang mengalir dari komponen abiotik ke komponen biotik & kembali lagi ke komponen abiotik. Siklus unsur-unsur tersebut tidak hanya melalui organisme, tetapi juga melibatkan reaksi-reaksi kimia dalam lingkungan abiotik sehingga disebut sebagai siklus biogeokimia.
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